Promote your eCommerce website with these impeccable strategies

Developing an ecommerce website can be a challenging but a fruitful task, provided, you use the right strategies to market it. Irrespective of how user friendly or beautiful your ecommerce website looks, it will fail, if you do not succeed in marketing it to the right audience. Let’s illustrate some simple strategies that can be utilized for marketing your eCommerce Magento or Woocommerce website in the right manner.

Remind and convince

There is no other better strategy than reminding your potential visitors about special occasions and persuading them to get the pertinent products from your website as gifts. This trick works like a charm, if you have the right products on offer for the right occasions. You can also keep the visitors to your ecommerce site in the loop by offering free gift wrapping, gift bags, ribbons or bows.

Gift Coupons

Offering virtual gift coupons or cards via your website can be an ideal strategy to lure in users who doesn’t really know what to gift. You can also spice it up by offering gift cards for purchases above certain amount so that the people will come back to your website to make more purchases. This is a great psychological strategy that that leads customers to come back and spend more than the vouchers value if done correctly.

Social Media

Use social media website like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for business promotion. You can use any of the social media websites to promote products and offers connected to your eCommerce website. Try to gain a huge follower base and engage with them on a consistent basis, with offers and specials in between quality content, for better results.

Optimize your website

Optimize your eCommerce website for search engines. Optimize each page in your eCommerce website by tagging the page images with relevant alt tags, writing short and crisp meta description and by following a good headline architecture. Google rich snippets can enhance this further. We would also recommend setting up a google merchant account to share your stores products with. Google loves to promote stuff it will earn from ;)

Product reviews

Getting good quality product reviews will help with conversion, when users are on the fence whether to commit or not. Make it a point to tag at least two good product reviews with each listed product. You can even give away samples of your product for free (whenever applicable) for encouraging people to throw in some open feedback. The puppy dog close is fantastic way to sell online. Managing and marketing an eCommerce website is not an easy task, make it a point to invest surplus amounts of time, effort and dollars to achieve these goals.


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