How To Reset Magento Admin Password

Nothing is more frustrating than being locked out of your Magento store and you have orders to process, but your Magento Web Developer is unavailable. Here is a simple method to reset your Magento 1.9.xx password and get back to processing those orders.

Note: If you didn’t make the password change mistake, you should double check to make sure your online store has not been hacked.

You will need;
Access url,username and password to your hosting cpanel or similar.

Step 1: Login to your Cpanel or Hosting panel and Navigate your way to database section


Step 2: Double Click the phpmyadmin icon which will load up a program which will enable you to edit your Magento stores database directly.

Step 3: Select your stores database from the menu from the left hand side. Likely it will be the only database there. If not hopefully you know which one it is. If you don’t, use the hosting panels file manager and navigate your way to folder public_html/app/etc/ and look for file local.xml download this file and open it in a text editor like notepad, sublime or notepad++. Look for these brackets where ‘MydatabaseName’ is, is your databases name.

Step 4: Find the database item ending in admin_user and click. Then select edit on the user account you wish to change the password on. Be sure to change the password with the MD5 function from the dropdown. Once you are done click go and check out you can access the website admin panel.