Secrets to using email marketing to win business

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Email marketing has been one of the oldest and most proven marketing strategies that still wins business today. Statistics based on email marketing success produced by the company ExactTarget, more than 75% of people would love to receive notifications and updates via email (not spam, don't get the two confused).

Here is how to own email communication with your customers.

Segregate your contact

Compared to bombing your customers with the same email template over and over again, segregating your subscriber lists is the ideal means to increase conversion rates. Categorize your contacts based on factors like behavior, interested niche, location etc, the more specific the better. However, if you are compelled to send a common email template to a wider list of subscribers, consider segregating the email into different parts, each tagged with a call-to-action button. Ensure that you track each of these buttons, with some type of analytics, to followup and present a more tailored email to the subscribers who clicked on any of the call-to-action buttons.

Monitor your email campaigns

For higher conversion rates, it is vital that you monitor your email campaigns to improvise and cater more tailored information. Using tools like campaign monitor can help you to keep track of email open rates and button clicks, in addition to offering you the option to import customized email templates as HTML.

Additionally, make sure you track movement on your website. Create goals and test and measure until you have an effective set of email templates to make further campaigns from.

Craft user friendly and visually pleasing emails

It is necessary that you craft beautiful emails that are also user friendly. Ensure that the email is responsive and is displayed correctly on all mobile device screens, operating systems and browser variants. Ensure that the buttons in the emails are of the right dimensions and they do not become so tiny they are useless on small screens. Offering an option to “view the email online” is ideal when it comes to getting accurate data regarding the open rate, also just polite web design etiquette.

Be aware of the fact that email marketing is not something that can reap success overnight. Be patient and consistent with this strategy and try to hit the right audience with the right User Selling Points (USPs) for better results. Furthermore, the rules around content marketing do not stop when you switch to email. The same rules apply, offer value and people will respond.


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