Streamline B2B sales and sales agents with Magento eCommerce

Streamline B2B sales and sales agents with Magento eCommerce

One of the effective and most practiced strategies of the present day, when it comes to facilitating high conversion rate across online stores is the use of online agents. The ALW Sales Agent Magento extension of Magento-connect seems to be the ideal solution when it comes to increasing sales/product orders across online stores. As a matter of fact, the sales agent extension plays a pivotal role in bringing up the sales stats tagged with your store by handing over the control to agents. The designated agents mitigate the overhead of managing the customers and processing the orders placed by them. The agents will have the option of editing and viewing the customers that falls within their management list. As an admin, you have the privilege of setting a commission percentage for each agent with respect to an order.

The ALW sales agent magento extension also lets you assign customers to agents and each agent can view and edit only the customers assigned to them. Similarly, the agents can place an order only for the customers assigned to them. The agents will have the option to place a withdrawal request once a minimum commission amount is credited to their account, which is set by the admin in the first place. As an admin, you can approve the withdrawal requests and credit the amount to respective agent accounts via PayPal.

Some of the exclusive features tagged with this AWL sales agent are listed below:

  • Enable or disable the registrant agents from the frontend
  • View orders on behalf of sales agent and with custom and automated email reporting
  • Tagging default commission amount for agents as well as compiling commission earning
  • Assigning custom commission percentage for agents and tracking its status
  • Assigning a minimum amount for withdrawing commission
  • Monitoring the sales over specific time periods
  • Assigning the orders placed manually across the admin panel to agents

    The Magento ALW sales agent can easily help you to take control over the sales/conversions across your online store in the most effective manner. Each agent will be tagged with a unique work stream which comprises only of customers and orders assigned to them, this literally helps you to keep any confusions or complications at bay and enhance the overall customer experience.

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