Super charge your Business with Mebites Zimbra Business Email Collaborative Suite

High-end Business emails and collaborative suite for just 99 cents per month. This is our latest promotion to make it easier to move from horrible no frills emails to our custom enhanced Zimbra exchange email system.

Brief list of some of the stand out features of our Business email system:

Mebsites Zimbra Business Email Suites rich features

One of the best features is you can collaborate by sharing; Calendars, contacts, mail folders, task/s, task lists and files between team members
Create Email templates to save time and share them with your team members
Auto filter and create actions for emails, such as; auto move to a folder, tag, delete, forward, mark. Free up your inbox and direct emails to folders automatically. Image automatically making all new enquiry emails available to your team members via a shared folder. Free up your inbox!
Colour coded folders. I love this feature we can recognise colours faster than titles. Example; Assign colours to client folders that match their branding
Manage your calendar and create new calendars for team members which can then be shared. Add detailed information using a rich cms. Request appointment confirmations automatically right from the calendar and add appointments directly from your emails.
Webmail is Compatibly with an browser or OS
We run a full exchange server so you can get push notifications in stead of waiting for IMAP to connect. You can also sync your calendar and contacts with all your devices.
You can change your view and theme of your webmail.
Add rich email signatures and create awesome looking emails with a full html and code cms.
Sort and search like a pro at speed using our powerful servers to do the grunt work.
Set reminder emails right from the main panel, with no unpleasant lifting 😉
Create custom tags to highlight important emails or categorise them. Combine this with auto fitering for a very powerful organisation tool.
Everything is stored under encryption and all traffic is sent and received via full authentication and encryption to keep your data safe
Store files online in your email. No need to upload that product price list to send it every time, it’s right there already. Additionally, we have a dropbox and Google Drive interface which allows users to add files directly from them to their email in just a couple clicks.
Instant Messaging from within the email suite! Keep in contact with your team members using instant messaging. No need to have skype or msn open at the same time. Do all your daily tasks from one place. Store and review your chat records from within the main email panel.
Video Chat from within zimbra business email webmail. Need that instant face to face communication with a team member you got it instantly.
Need to send senstive information internally or externally use our inbuilt encryption app using OpenPGP technology. Simple create a message encrypt it and send. The recipient can then decrypt it with a secure key
Sort your daily email view by conversation..I love this. No need to go back through hundreds of emails the whole conversation will be store in a thread for you to view.
Add other emails to webmail. One of the most announying things I find is login and out of different mail programs, such as; hotmail, yahoo, bigpond, gmail. With our email suite there is no need simply use our webmails email client system and you can have your other mail loading just like desktop outlook. Except now it is available anywhere.
Task manager is a full blown project manager. Create task, task lists and share them to team members. Mark them on your calendar and add start and completion times. Colour code them and use the full cms system to put all the details you want. Update progress of task by using our progress toggle. Additionally, you can set the level of urgency and when tasks are complete. Keep your view tidy by filtering jobs. If you need to put your tasks into the real world you can print right from zimbra webmail as well.
Desktop, tab alerts and chimes at your control. Turn them off or on, you will never miss an event.
Easy management, pooling storage right from your hosting panel. No need to contact support to reset or lock out a team member you can do it right from our hosting panel. Additionally, change your plan, upgrade and pay your bills by credit card, paypal, b-pay, direct or bitcoin.
View video in your email. Someone sent you an interesting video no need to logout or be redirected. Just watch it in your web mail.
Achieve Management, store your emails and clear your email account.
Advanced email, contact, calendar export/import. Be in control and backup your account. Also you can add contacts from .csv
Create your own whitelist and blacklist for domains and emails
Lots of personalisation controls to manage your zimbra business email suite experience

Try one of our zimbra business email accounts from just .99 cent a month. For full pricing click here Get me Zimbra Business Email now

Core Zimbra Webmail System Demo

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