Too cloud or not to cloud

Moving to cloud based office servers

I love the cloud. I recommend it for anyone, with conditions.

The reason I recommend it is because, the office computer, network or home computer are natorious for going down and loosing all your data. How many of use have lost everything. Infact it's almost so common people except it as part of everyday life.

These are the facts, as good as most of us techie people are our computers will go down at some stage for some reason such as; drive failure, lightening strike, coffee mugs, pets and children, virus, malware.

On the other hand most commerical servers never go down, most have so much redundancy built into them it would take a major event to disrupt it. For this reason alone i recommend it. The professional will do a much better job of keeping your stuff safe than the average Joe or Jane will.

Yes once in a blue moon they get hacked, but the chance of this are much less than certainty of the home or small office being hacked.

Some of the benefits of cloud based network or service

  • Maintained by professionals 24/7
  • Security is much better
  • Files are more available
  • setup and ongoing maintainence is much less
  • Scalable at low cost
  • easily moved

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