Ultimate eCommerce marketing hit list: 146 strategies for 2017

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No mucking around it is almost 2017. While some of the tactics are widely used, there are a couple of gems that I haven't seen a lot of stores use and I have marked them in bold.

One things before I drop the list:

- Do not try to do every little one. Pick a few and focus until you win or dump it

Concise ideas

1) Post content on your store's social media accounts - Like mad man/women, make sure it is relevant. What doesn't get a reaction after 10 attempts should be dumped. (Not products/adverts)

2) Post your store and products on your personal social media profiles.

3) Encourage employees to post, share and add content to your social pages

4) Create advocate accounts and use them to engage to encourage other users to get started. (Note: Faking this stuff at a point is an exercise in self deception and a road to no where).

5) Organic shoutouts - engage with other companies and enfluencers by public saying hi and acknowledging them. Don't be discouraged if it isn't returned others notice regardless.

6) Engage in rigorous conversation with users when they comment on your posts. Check their profiles and make the conversation relevant, but not creepy.

7) Network with other business which share a like audience and do shared or counter offers.

8) Tag another company in your updates to capture some of their audience or their customers who maybe searching for related hash tags.

9) Share images or videos - With people using your product or service.

10) Create regular Vblogs and share them on your social channels.

11) Get active in Facebook groups.

12) Run Facebook ads - When you look at your analytics you should see a good chunk of traffic coming from social media. If not here is a great opportunity for you.

13) Run Facebook retargeting ads - Facebook has fantastic targeting and analytics, there is no need to guess what you are doing.

14) Facebook Dynamic Ads - Use video of static images.

15) Boost your Facebook posts - If you need extra reach on a hot post don't be afraid to spend a little. Remember always test and measure.

16) Run Instagram Ads - Instagram is a real money maker. Companies are making big dollars marketing soley on instagram.

17) Pin your products on Pinterest.

18) Pin your product in use and in action on Pinterest.

19) Create and pin infographics to Pinterest.

20) Pinterest advertising with Promoted Pins.

21) Search engine advertising.

22) Niche market in google - look for the high volume low competitive keywords.

23) Advertise in Bing, yahoo search or other secondary search engines.

24) Ensure all images on your site are correctly named and tagged. Google image is a massive search engine and you might as well have your images branded.

25) Display advertising (adsense or banner ads) - Ugh but there is still a place for it.

26) Comparison shopping engines - You have to be there to be compared.

27) Be included in consumer review websites.

28) Retargeting campaigns.

29) Dynamic remarketing campaigns - Get those cookies turned on.

30) Google Dynamic Search Ads.

31) Gmail Ads.

32) Google Remarketing ads for Search.

33) Blog Commenting.

34) Forum posting.

35) Guest blogging.

36) Social media swapping - Exchange accounts with another business in the same consumer niche to expand both of your customer bases.

37) Email outreach.

38) Social media outreach.

39) Reddit posting.

40) Reddit subreddits - create one and build your customer base.

41) List products on classifieds sites.

42) Clean up your On-Page SEO.

43) revisit your keyword use in your meta tags it doesn't normally stay the same for excessive periods of time.

44) Add an XML Sitemap to your site.

45) Include a image sitemap.

46) Send out an online press release.

47) Public Donate to a non-profit.

48) Link building - Backlinking is still the most effective way to improve your ranking.

49) Improve your website speed - The sweet spot is under 8 seconds and better still rendering under 4 seconds.

50) Submit your content to aggregators

51) Volunteer to become a case study.

52) Ask supplier or industry contacts to do a case study on you.

53) Update and re-share old posts.

54) Update old pages and re-share them.

55) Reach out to roundup blogs and newsletters.

56) Become a guest blogger or writer on INC or similar.

57) Create a discount section on your site.

58) Bundle products together.

59) Add upsellers.

60) Add an automated abandoncart email system.

61) Created automated upseller emails.

62) Send out a regular email newsletter.

63) Shopping cart upseller.

64) Improve your cart/checkout experience.

65) Add additional payment methods.

66) Re negiotate your fees with your checkout provider.

67) Create evergreen email auto-responders.

68) Coupon websites - Publish regular coupons to coupon specialty sites.

69) Offer coupons in snapchat or snap.coupons.

70) Affiliate marketing

71) Paid Twitter advertising

72) Reddit advertising.

73) YouTube advertising.

74) Video marketing.

75) Start Your Own Podcast.

76) Launch a PR campaign

77) Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

78) Put yourself on call for media as an expert.

79) Start a blog.

80) restart or relaunch your blog.

81) Find sponsorship opportunities.

82) Buy advertising space directly from bloggers.

83) Paid shoutouts from enfluencers

84) Send out products or samples to enfluencers for review.

85) Reach out to your marketplace customers.

86) Partner retargeting.

87) Create a limited time promotion or discount.

88) Run a sweepstakes.

89) Write a book and publish it to Amazon.

90) Write an eBook and offer it for free for mailing lists.

91) Use a ghost writer to write a book for you.

92) Create a Facebook group for your customers.

93) Claim Your Wanelo Store.

94) Run a Kickstarter campaign.

95) Create an Infographic.

96) Get customer product reviews.

97) Create a Review Gold Coast listing

98) Join Wordofmouth.com to manage your customer reviews. Yelp if you want global or US equivient.

99) Organize an event.

100) Attend fairs or trade shows.

101) Attend business group and networking events.

102) Create a paper catalog.

103) Create a flyer.

104) Have an opinion.

105) Improve your customers unboxing experience.

106) Sell your products on Amazon.

107) Sell products on google merchant.

108) Create or sell unique products.

109) Add limited addition products.

110) Hire a Guest Curator.

111) Unbeatable introductory offer.

112) Unique product packaging.

113) Add a free trial period as a soft close.

114) Add a subscription based model for product sales. Dollar shave club and Meundies are great examples.

115) Word of mouth marketing. Make your product or service a real standout so it gets talked about. Being very good won't be enough. You need outragousness.

116) Create an online quiz and share it in social media.

117) Online polling on topical subjects.

118) Take advantage of news events.

119) Customer service.

120) Add a twitter support service. Learn how

121) Add a twitter direct sales service. Learn how

122) Offline advertising - Print, local billboards, signage.

123) Include your store’s URL in your email signature.

124) Repurposing content in other formats.

125) Improve email deliverability. Test you newsletters with mail-tester.com

126) Improve shipping options.

127) Strongly improve your mobile experience

128) Create an app.

129) Increase your email open rate with a/b testing.

130) Be a guest on a podcast.

131) Improve your user experience better monitoring with an automated performance tool, such as, shoppimon.com.

132) Temporarily install a heat map UX tool to find out how your customers are using your website.

133) Add a buy now pay later system to your checkout, such as, zippay.com.

134) Integrate big data into your ordering and inventory system - Holding excess or to little stock will seriously kill your profits.

135) Spy on your competition and see what they are doing and one up it and use it for your own benefit.

136) Automate your social media posting - We love buffer here.

137) Live chat on page - It really does work. Livechatinc is a really nice reliable system and has a free trial.

138) Chat bots - Automation is amazing and although not perfect for high volume sites it can save a lot of money in labour dealing with very common enquiries, which are easily automated. (Cleverbots, pandorabots, AI bots)

139) Call centre - Nothing is nicer than having a real phone number to call and get a person with your digital problem. We use business1300.com.au

140) Adding third party products via drop shipping.

141) Lowering shipping costs using bulk buying power with a system like temando.

142) Looking to sell more volume to get bigger volume discounts from suppliers.

143) Adding a facebook store with beetailer.

144) Adding direct sales from instagram.

145) Creating a Snapchat following.

146) Use upcoming events to leverage marketing. Take the upcoming Commonwealth Games for example

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