Why are websites so important to business

We live in a digital world. Client/s expect to think something then search for it and have results. If the client has seen your service on TV, Radio, print or you have been recommended the will go straight to Google or Bing and search for you. If you are not there you don't exist. Worse yet all your competition are most likely there.

A website is a snap shot of your business displayed to the world. If you take a holistic view and look at your website what does it tell the world about your business?

Does your website look well keep, modern and organised or is it full of errors, slow and look like you tried to stuff as many things on the page as possible.

In Australia regardless of your service or business your customers current and future are looking at your online presence. Current customers look at your facebook page and your webpages when they think about using your service or buying your product again. If you don't feel right about what they see you risk lossing them to someone else with a glamour website.

If you don't have a website or your website is not mobile friendly your missing out big time. 60% + of all local searches in Australia are from Mobile devices. Of those the hit rate or visiting your business and buying or hiring is incredibly high 60% overall based on figures from 2013 when devices and web use on mobiles was much lower.

Web is now the new Yellow pages or local newspaper!

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