Why using Snapchat for B2B interactions will be the hot thing for 2017

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Snapchat is a monster! the engagement and the number of active users can't be beaten by any other app currently. While many of the users are personal, celebrities and brands are cashing in already. Snapchat is a great way to get personal with your fans or customers. Giving them exclusive access, specials and personal messages.

However, early adopter B2B marketers are jumping into the Snapchat space eager to capitalise on a space with little competition for eyeballs. I'm going to outlines some ideas being used currently by B2B operators on Snapchat. I'll also outline some exclusive ideas we are trying with our clients.

One big advantage Snapchat has over other mediums is the ease that a user can find you via the QR code which is your avatar on the app. A B2B marketer can place the Snapchat QR code in their marketing materials, business card, service card or social media platforms (headers etc). All a potential engager has to do is then scan the QR code to find you. Other Snapchat directory services like http://snap.coupons have also popped up and offer an off app search services for brands, celebrities and coupons.

Let's cover some B2B uses for Snapchat:

Coupons and specials Let your customers know about exclusive specials and coupons via Snapchat. While this is not a unique idea remember engagement levels on Snapchat are much much higher than on other platforms. Also, there will be much less marketing noise from competitors.


Use Snapchat to profile or share with other complementary business partners to educate your customers about your services and offerings.

This could be an accountant sharing their channel with a lawyer for a few days. A designer sharing with a web developer to offer insight in the planning process. Whatever you do you will be building your following and your brand equity.

Support services

(Something we are trying) You can broadcast services events via Snapchat. Keeping customers up to date with the latest issues or resolutions.

Giving customers a next level experience for support. Sometimes having the added feature of sending a short video of how to turn it off and on again can save a lot of frustration.


Insider information or tours. Keep your customers involved and educated with mini tours and explainer videos about your business, services and products.

Example: Hi this is Mary from dispatch, every morning she does XYZ to ensure everyone's orders go out on time.


Send out reminders to clients. You can broadcast to everyone or just a select few.

Payment reminders - We think you should be very careful with this because Snapchat is considered a personal space by many users. However, we have been using it with clients and our clients have also used it with great success.

Appointment reminders - Clients keep forgetting their appointment? Send them a friendly reminder via Snapchat


Send out exclusive invites to webinars and events.

We would really love to here about your B2B uses of Snapchat so comment below, share on social or comment direct to us on social media we love hearing from you!

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