Your SEO company doesn't know what they are doing


We see it every week. Rampant Guru'ism literally hundreds of thousands of marketing gurus everywhere. It is a wonder with some many wizards of SEO and online marketing, why so many websites are so shockingly bad!

The fact of the matter is, unless a Guru can show you how and why they ranked someone and/or net profits they likely aren't worth a dollar or a minute of your time.

I literally just watched a facebook marketing Guru make the claim he was amazing because he grew his operation into 14 locations turning over 10 million dollars. Impressive? not so much. He later goes on to say he spends 4 million to do this. Hmm the plot thickens..Lets break that down as an example of the logic you should use in your business and marketing and for when you want to choose someone to work with to grow your business.

10,000,000 Gross Revenue / 14 Locations

= 714,285 Gross On average per location

Still good, but no impact like 10mil.

The Guru goes on to say, it costs just 4million to do it. Now things get interesting. Take away 4mil and then you end up with 428,571 gross revenue per location which is sounding very unimpressive. Subtrack from this rent, Utilities for say another 50k. You are now looking at a very weak 380,000. Now factor in wages for a couple staff and TAX and the business is not even going to keep your making your car payments.

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