About Us

As Gold Coast website developers we take a performance first approach to websites

Performance Websites

Our in house full stack developers code websites from scratch with a performance first approach. Every site is coded from the ground up with SEO, page load time and user/backend security as a priority. Uniquely we code to tune the website to the server and the server to the website, for ultra fast loading times. We code to W3C Standards using Googles best practices for Mobile friendlyness/SEO/speed and a few of our own tricks to create superior loading, Security and SEO registering websites. In a market dominated by smart phones and search results this is essential for a business website developer and designer demonstrate.

Web Philosophy

We always use a performance first Coding approach for high performance websites focusing on the fundamentals of business. Every site must be original in design and matched to the goals of the business. Accessiblity to all devices is very important to our designers and coders and we always follow the latest and best practices from industry leaders such as; Google, MOZ, Encapsula, CloudFlare, Foundation, Bootstrap, Magento and WC3. Our finished products are always security hardened and tuned to perform their best in their webhost. We look to build and partner long term relationships with our clients helping them build holistic online systems to make their business more profitable.

Web Code

We write the web code. Mebsites is known as a developers, developer. We can code in any framework, platform or code type. Some of our long term clients are other web developers and designers. In an age of drag and drop and cookie cutter website creation, we are unique in this aspect. We do not outsource, but companies do outsource to us. The benefits of working with mebsites are; we are based in Australia and have 24/7 support for all clients. We have a simple user first approach, with a pragmatic use of the KISS principle in our design and development process. We live to develop new code and push the boundaries of what can be done with coding and design online. Do not settle for a poor performing pre-fabricated website frame work, when for same or less $$ you can have a website rocket ship made by Mebsites

We Work With clients in the Gold Coast, Australia and Internationally

Websites, Hosting and Design At Your Service.

We are Full Stack Gold Coast website developers

Our service ranges from UX design, Static local business websites, Business CRMs and custom small/large e-commerce web projects. Just check out all of the service listed below to get a general idea of what we are capable of delivering. Additionally, make sure to see our development and design work for proof of our awesomeness.

Furthermore, we re-work exsisting websites, Migrate websites and email, create additional features, improve site SEO, improve e-commerce web performance and automation, Consult, Website tune, Create and manage Virtual online business servers

Web Services

  • Magento Specialists
  • Business Website Development
  • Mobile Apps & Websites Apps
  • Custom Business CRM development
  • Online Stores / E-commerce
  • Finance Calculators
  • CMS, Management, UI & UX design
  • Web Security and Pen Testing
  • Custom Magento Extensions
  • POS for Magento
  • Product customisers
  • Custom eCommerce logistics Apps

Hosting & Services

  • Australian/Gold Coast based Support
  • Local and International servers
  • Website Hosting & Housing
  • VPS and Dedicated servers
  • Server HA Clusters
  • Business E-mail Hosting
  • Zimbra Email
  • High Performance Linux Servers
  • Website Domain Names
  • Website SSL Security Certificates
  • Reseller accounts
  • Web Security/Hack repairs

Web Marketing

  • Web Search Engine Optimization
  • Website SEO assessment
  • Website Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Adwords Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Wesite SEO Reports
  • Website Marketing design
  • PPC
  • Business Centered planning

Graphic Design

  • Business Identity Development
  • Original Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Flyers, Post Cards, Stickers
  • Posters
  • Magazines / Brochures
  • Print Media Design
  • Original Digital Art
  • Website page mockups
  • Business Identity Development
Mebsites Website developers, coders, designers, branding experts

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Meb-Team.


Is the founder of our small agency. He is the Pragmatic force that creates the synergy behind our websites and designs.

  • Mebsites Online Portfolio


The Masterchef of code is in the house. What Cris doesn't know about e-commerce development isn't worth knowing.


Systems Administrator who tunes servers to websites like they were Formula 1 race cars.

Jagjeet Singh

Fastest web coder in South East QLD. Senior Admin/Developer


Graphic Artist, very experienced UI Designer, 3D product renders, Photoshop


Graphic Artist, amazing! There is not much more to say. This guy has an eye for detail.


Graphic Artist, very now and funky designs. Mr Clean of corporate design


A consummate Perfectionist and Front End web Developer. Wordpress bunny. Fresh ideas just come naturally for Luke


Just back from his fancy internship. Great to have him back as Front End web Developer.


Will work all night to make every deadline. Great on Front End Wordpress Development


Content Marketing, SEO, Social Marketing and content writing Get some true blue personalty into your content and smash it.


Magento Gold Certified Developer he has spent many years in the UK as an elite specialist Magento extension developer. Great to have him back onces again

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Flexible hours, creative coding or design freedom in exchange for measurable results


We to code!

Mebs' enjoy working with clients to create result driven business concepts
then we translate those concepts into working websites.

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