Big Zimbra swap this weekend

 Saturday, June 6, 2015

While there should be little interruption to service some changes with take place over the weekend as we Sync our new Zimbra Australian servers into the rest of our email cluster.

What you may notice is some change in appearence and lack of personal theme settings at times.  This is due to the sync taking place and us doing constant testing.

Some users may find they need to reconfigure their mail clients in phone or desktop and that is because we have changed to a full time exchange server system.  You will find our own set of install and configure instructions set for the Australian and New Zealand users for all major devices and platforms in a new HELP tab in the webmail

If you experience you cannot login for some reason please contact support on   or better yet before you do this press Ctrl F5 on PC or Command F5 MAC to clear your Browser history.  Some of you may need to clear history and cookies on desktop, mobile and tablet as your browser may want to load the old version of zimbra.

I can report the new system is running like lightening and I hope you all enjoy the fruits of a hard month of work doing this upgrade.

For Thinkfree users this online zimbra service will return shortly early next week.  You should however be able to access direct from desktop.

Kind regards

Aaron Whyte



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