Website Services We Offer

A Holistic Performance First Approach To Websites

All web services we offer for your website begin from a performance-first approach. When we design, code or manage a web page we always consider the impact on your websites performance profile. The reason for this is because the speed at which your website loads affects every aspect of your online success. A slow loading website will hurt your search engine ranking (SERPs), usability and your profits.

What Makes A SUCCESSFUL Website

  • 1. Fast loading and rendering time
  • 2. Branding
  • 3. Call to action
  • 4. Original content
  • 5. Quality imagery
  • 6. Mobile friendly design
  • 7. Integration with other services
  • 8. Social media integration
  • 9. Optimised on page SEO
  • 10. Ongoing off page SEO
  • 11. User analytics
  • 12. Automated follow-up systems
  • 13. Well maintained CMS
  • 14. Reliable support

Web Services Supplied To 6000+ Clients

Website Design

We offer full in-house website design services. We collaborate with you to create a comprehensive web design brief that amalgamates with your companies branding and marketing goals. The marketing and design team will then conduct research in your market, so we are fully aware of market expectations and trends in your niche.

Our web designers will then create an original and responsive (mobile-friendly) design in a layered Photoshop or Illustrator format. Our designers will produce mockups to be coding ready, using suitable web fonts, icons and ready to export CSS elements. Our graphic design process involves a detailed client consultation, followed by extensive market research and executed using the latest UI/UX practices for your target market. Additionally, our graphic designers will ensure your web page mockup is suitable for the platform you have chosen, whether it is static, Wordpress, Magento or custom framework. Part of our consultation process is making sure we design and code a website that is manageable within your system requirements.

Website Developer Services

Successful web development starts with a solid plan. Many projects fail before they start due to poor planning, regardless of the skill of the web agency involved. That is why we use the Agile Web Development. A method developed and used in Silicon Valley. So while we have Senior full stack developers front and backend they also have a proven framework to work within to ensure your projects speedy completion and success.

What is AGILE

The Agile process refers to a project management process that encourages review and adaptation. The process is designed to allow for rapid development of deliverables at each stage of the project. Thereby removing the risk of ending up with a project requiring major revision after so-called 'completion'.

As a client, you will be able to assess and make changes at each stage. This way you can be confident that your payments are always going towards short-term deliverables. Furthermore, your project can literally be agile making small changes instead of potentially costly revisions on completion.

How does the Agile Method work?

In layman’s terms, a project is broken up into smaller deliverable pieces, based on the brief and final specs required. Every project starts with a core framework of basics. Each stage or Sprint is essentially wrapping a minimum amount of deliverable features to the core product within the shortest possible time. At the end of each Sprint, the work is reviewed and based on the assessment, another layer of deliverables or revisions is made to a new Sprint and the process is repeated.

While it might sound a little complicated, as the client the benefits are clear; You will always have a working project in line with what you have paid for, your project will get completed quicker, you will be able to assess that the project is suitable for your intended use while it is being worked on and most importantly you will be able to make small changes along the way, instead of ending up with a potentially costly issue.

Magento eCommerce

Magento is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform available in both free open source and paid enterprise versions.

We love Magento because it is easy to deploy, highly scalable, with great integration and offers near limitless customising capabilities. We have Magento certified, backend and frontend senior software developers with extensive on the job e-Commerce experience. Due to our day to day management and e-Commerce experience with Magento we have wealth of hands on practical solutions so you can get the most out of your web store.

  • 1. Execute your project
  • 2. Manage Magento security
  • 3. Install or develop custom extensions
  • 6. Manage your maintenance
  • 7. Tech support
  • 8. Add your on-page SEO


Wordpress has grown to be one of the most used cms platforms for website development and management in the market today. It can be an awesome solution for small business to enterprise who want to keep their content dynamically changing and who want lower management costs or if you simply want to be hands on with your website content management. Due to Wordpress being so wildly used it is a well supported platform with a huge pool of frontend and backend developers able to comfortably work with it. Additionally, the learning curve to become competent using the cms is short making it ideal for small business management. Overall Wordpress can be the lowest running cost platform compared to others when used in the correct context.

Wordpress Design

We offer a totally in-house WordPress website design services using the latest responsive design techniques, specific to Wordpress and following your design, management and marketing requirements. The product we produce is the highest quality Photoshop web design ready for your or our development team to code into a full-fledged Wordpress theme. Whether you need a simple local business website, brochure website, blog or a full-fledged advanced e-Commerce solution our web designers know the requirements of the platform and how to make the design website developer friendly. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful design created only to find out it doesn't fit the features and restrictions for the platform you want to us. Furthermore, a poor design can add a lot of extra costs or a poor execution of your design by the development team. Not to worry with Mebsites as or designer also have platform experience and consult with our developers and marketing team to make sure your design will sell and will convert to Wordpress in a pixel-perfect manner.

Wordpress Developers

We have experienced Senior/Junior frontend and Backend coders. If you can dream it they can code it. Whether we are breaking new ground by creating custom functions or plugins or you just need your design to be pixel perfect we have the skill set and systems in place to see your website project is excuted on time and on budget.

Wordpress Woocommerce eCommerce Solutions

While we openly recommend Magento as a better eCommerce solution, Woocommerce is a great low cost and easily managed eCom solution for many startups and established small busineses. The extensive range of plugins can and premade themes can lower your startup costs dramatically. Also being able to rely on frontend coders more will lower the ongoing management costs and the all important intiatial development and deployment costs. We suggest booking a 20 minute consult via, phone, skype or in person to discuss and create a outline of requirements to find out if Woocommerce would be the best option for your online business.

Custom Website Frameworks

So you project doesn't fit into a off the shelf framework? Let us design and code your dream website or app from the ground up.

Website Optimising

We specialise in optimising website performance to achieve the fastest possible load times for your website. An optimised website will load under 4 seconds for its target user location. If your site is not loading in under 4 seconds you will likely be losing customers and income. Web page optimising involves detailed analysis of your website pages by our senior web developers and Systems administrators. Our optimising techs will scan and monitor your site for a one-off performance improvement or on an ongoing basis.

Constant user experience monitoring and active development can be an extremely profitable addition to your eCommerce websites maintenance services. One of the most common areas to have issues on eCom sites is the cart and checkout. Often these issues are intermittent and require specialist monitoring software and specialised developers.

This service can involve; Specialist monitoring software, tuning your web hosting, Optimising caching server caching stacks, Optimising images, Removing coding errors, Changing the way your page renders, Changing asset loading, Improving render, Improving DNS, Minification of assets, External asset loading, Php improvement, Code cleanup.

Website Security

Our Web security services can be broken down into three areas

Preventive Security

This involves an audit and then implementation of preventive measures to keep your website safe. Some of these measures are; Secure Password management, Two Factor Authenication, SSL Certificate and EV Certificate Issuing and installation, Reverse Proxy Servers, Proxy IP Servers, Firewall Install and Config, CDN and DDOS Preparation, Best Hacking prevention practices, Platform Updates, Automated backup proceedures, Backup storage.


After a Hack or Malware attack has been successful the damage can be extensive. Additionally, damage can sometimes be caused from heavy Denial of Service attacks causing Databases, Apache, VPS, or Dedicated servers to crash and corrupt code. Our development and system admin team is experiences at finding malious code, restoring backup and repairing damage.


If you are under DDOS attack we can help straight away.

Search Engine Optimising

So you project doesn't fit into a off the shelf framework? Let us design and code your dream website or app from the ground up.

Website Maintenaince

So you project doesn't fit into a off the shelf framework? Let us design and code your dream website or app from the ground up.

Website Online Marketing

So you project doesn't fit into a off the shelf framework? Let us design and code your dream website or app from the ground up.

Website Hosting

We offer a range of high performance website and eCommerce specific hosting both on and offshore. We also have VPS and Dedicated Sever Options. Full list of specs and online ordering here