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Similar to having great written content video content can also suffer from the age old ranking mystery of which comes first – the traffic an rank or the content? The sad thing is many quality videos go undiscovered because they never reach the top of the search results for anyone to see them. Sadly youtube is just like normal google results where few people search past the first page.

Therefore, you video must rank for keywords to get the traffic. As video ranking experts we optimise youtube videos to rank and get the traffic they deserve.

Local Video SEO Ranking

Video offers another effective method to rank your business service or product in Googles results. Most people are aware that there is a video ranking process within Youtube seo, but there is also video ranking in a new local video pack that appears on the first page of local results. This gives every business the opportunity to create dynamic videos to market direct to their prospects via another highly effective medium.

For Example many Gold Coast businesses could have an effective Youtube seo video ranked to compliment and enhance their current website ranking. Furthermore, video is often more cost effective and faster to rank than a website. So you can enjoy the benefits of being on page one while your business website slow moves up the rankings.

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Video Ranking Backlinks

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A popular Video can provide a good and safe backlink for your business website. We find keyword targeted videos to provide a good ranking boost for, local and product focused business websites. These can be created on youtube or other platforms.

SEO Video Marketing Audit

Being one of the best youtube ranking experts on the Gold Coast we also include a video channel audit service. We will audit your web pages, youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram (other). Then provide a report with recommendations on how you could use video to enhance your web pages and user experience, plus how your videos and channel can be enhanced with search engine keyword optimisation and video ranking techniques.

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