Beyond Blockchain

Decentralised Apps And Services

Decentralised services are the next step beyond smart contracts. Storing and serving services via decentralised hashing systems such as IPFS opens up another world of scaling possiblity beyond cryptocurrency. Even hybrid and fully decentralised solutions solve many issues with accessiblity, scaling and management over networks for end users. (Security also being a bi-product).

Examples of Decentralised Services

  • 1. Websites
  • 2. Payment Systems
  • 3. Web File Storage
  • 4. dApp file storage
  • 5. Hosting
  • 6. Video Streaming
  • 7. Gaming
  • 8. Backups

Multi Platform Blockchain Development

Our Blockchain Technical Services

We offer full in-house Blockchain Smart Contracts. We collaborate with you to create a comprehensive project brief that amalgamates with your branding and marketing goals. The marketing and design team will then conduct research in your market, so we are fully aware of market expectations and trends in your niche.

Our software engineers will then create an original blockchain or dApp purposefully designed for your requirements. Our designers will produce mockups to be coding ready, using suitable web fonts, icons and ready to export CSS elements for your support interfaces. We have senior software engineers that will project manage and develop a proper technical plan to ensure your project is delivered on time successfully.

Developing Smart Contracts dApps

We work with public and private decentralised and master-centralised blockchain systems. We believe blockchain software is a great resource as a stand-alone project or integrated system.

dApps Development

Whether we you Ethereum, other or create an entirely original solution we have the code and management team who can take your project from concept, proof of concept to full scale launched product.

dapp technology stack diagram

Blockchain Game Development

A new, but very fast growing field of blockchain development is blockchain and per to per gaming. With the unexpected success of crypto-kitties it is a very hot area of crypto and we are at the cutting edge of development, with our own internal blockchain game already past the proof of concept stage.

Blockchain Wallets

Decentralised Blockchain wallets are surprising complex under the skin. They essentially operate as a personal bank or clearing house. With such an important role to play wallet development is a highly specialised and requires higher level coding, design, UI coding and security expertise to execute. If you are concerned about the complexities of the development of your decentralised wallet software, web-interface, app deployment and security we can help design, secure and code yours.

Chain Of Custody Applications

The core feature of blockchain technology is its tamper-proof ledger of record. If your business requires improvement the practical application of public or private chain of custody systems a blockchain dApp could be the answer you have been searching for. For example, Ethereum smart contracts can be coded to automatically handle chain of custody for products, services, communication and data. A well-configured dApp can be a stand-alone application or integrated into existing systems using secure API technology which exists in most business software already. The dApp can be created to be public (Anyone can see records to varying degrees of disclosure) or private (Completely internal with varying degrees of disclosure) and either fully autonomous, partially or master Node only.

Distributed Backups

Blockchain technology plus distributed backup file storage using hashing can be a viable secure and tamper-proof method of long-term storage for important data. We all have important data that if lost would cause a great amount of pain. Decentralised backup systems can house your companies or a person’s data safely indefinitely, with less manpower.

We Work With

Go // C++ // Hyperledger // JS // web3.js // node.js // IPFS // Python // Solidity // Truffle // Ethereum

Our Method Of Development

The Agile process refers to a project management process that encourages review and adaptation. The process is designed to allow for rapid development of deliverables at each stage of the project. Thereby removing the risk of ending up with a project requiring major revision after so-called ‘completion’.

As a client, you will be able to assess and make changes at each stage. This way you can be confident that your payments are always going towards short-term deliverables. Furthermore, your project can literally be agile making small changes instead of potentially costly revisions on completion.

How does the Agile Method work?

In layman’s terms, a project is broken up into smaller deliverable pieces, based on the brief and final specs required. Every project starts with a core framework of basics. Each stage or Sprint is essentially wrapping a minimum amount of deliverable features to the core product within the shortest possible time. At the end of each Sprint, the work is reviewed and based on the assessment, another layer of deliverables or revisions is made to a new Sprint and the process is repeated.

While it might sound a little complicated, as the client the benefits are clear; You will always have a working project in line with what you have paid for, your project will get completed quicker, you will be able to assess that the project is suitable for your intended use while it is being worked on and most importantly you will be able to make small changes along the way, instead of ending up with a potentially costly issue.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

Ethereum is an open source platform based on public decentralised blockchain technology with smart contract capabilities. Consequently, blockchain developers can code their own smart contracts, within the Ethereum framework. Typically, these are coded with solidity, Go or Python languages. The benefit is the developer does not need to create the mining infrastructure and base code. Therefore this allows for quicker deployment and resources can be used to fine-tune the final product. The downside is one solution does not fit all and the base code is not proprietary if ownership is required. The upside is if your project will work on Ethereum there is a thriving community to support it.

Self Funding Cryptocurrency dApps

There are many open source code bases which can be used to create a new crypto-currency or if you are looking for something unique we can design, code and launch a crypto-currency to your exact requirements.

Distributed File Solutions

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming more accepted as a form of payment online. Online and offline businesses who can take advantage of early will gain a competitive edge over their competitors. We offer a range of bitcoin plus altcoin integrated crypto payment solutions for the leading e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, WordPress Woocommerce, OScommerce, WHMCS. Additionally, we can code secure original smart contract applications for taking payments whether it is for a bricks and mortar store POS system or for an ICO event.

Our Mission – To Be The Champion Of Your Decentralised dApp Project

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