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What to do when someone is hurting your online reputation?

Every person and company has an online profile or reputation based on the data indexed in Google or Bing. Your profile consists of a collection of links that appear in search engines and on social media websites. Most companies (and people) spend a lot of time and money investing in good customer service, products and dealing with the day to day issues and problems that all businesses have in a professional, fair way. It can be very upsetting and directly impact your bottom line when you find you have rouge negative reviews or unflattering information about yourself or company online. Even when it is only a little it can have profound effects on your income and community profile. While there are legal means to deal with some of these issues they often take a long time and may not be able to remove the offending data online. In some cases they actually make the issue worse by bringing extra attention (online articles) and further traffic to the very thing you are trying to remove. This in turn further increases the likely hood of someone seeing it. There are local and national aspects to reputation management. While cleaning up a profile nationally can be great. It may not be enough if someone is say a local celebrity on the Gold Coast. Those highly local links will likely still appear on the Gold Cost search results unless approached from a local perspective. We offer discrete reputation management services combined with search engine optimisation to minimize the effect on your business reputation.

Our 5 Different Approaches to Online Reputation Protection

      Boost and creating a social and web fortress around the Person or company. This allows for better control of the narrative, source/theme of the most prominent material online. We also boost these assets to make it harder for unwanted material to get within the first 1-4 pages of google search results. This often weakens any socially trending information.
      Weaken anything currently ranked in the first 3-5 pages of Google: We can do this with toxic referring sources and off-topic traffic.
      Create and rank new controlled sources of information to push down anything currently ranking. We do this with our extensive network.
      Publish press releases and social posts to spread the correct message.
      Legal/Reporting: Issue take down notices. In act cyber bullying laws. Report to platforms and law enforcement. Take legal and criminal defamation action against parties

Online Brand and Reputation Management Protection

Like many things in life prevention is 99% of the online reputation battle. We offer comprehensive reputation and brand management audits. Often the effects of malicious active could have been greatly minimized had the victim taken a moderate number of steps before hand to protect themselves online. Even the basics can provide a significant level of protection for a minimal cost. When further combined with basic reputation management monitoring you will be prepared to nip any attack in the butt early, before it really effects your bottomline.

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