SEO For Small Business For 2018

Ranking a small business and/or a local business website is a different game from state, national and international businesses. It requires a depth or local knowledge and research. Hyper local citations, backlinks, GEO-Tagging, Keyword research and location specific page build outs. We provide both the local search engine ranking knowledge and senior website development skills to execute on it. Since local ranking is normally for small business this makes it very efficient and fast to execute on small business SEO marketing strategies when using our services.

Ranking Local Business In Google Maps

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As a small local business you likely do not have the budget or interest in competing with state and nationwide companies. Google recognise this and has created a sub ranking system called Google My Business for very local businesses to directly capture local consumer traffic. This local business ranking system operates on a local micro basis and allows smaller business to appear in a prominent positions in what is called the local map pack, snack pack or three pack at the top of the first page. As part of our monthly SEO packages we will optimise your business to appear in the map pack and local suburbs.


Small Business Review Funnels

Conveying how good your business is in an instant could not be accomplished better than having great testimonials in the form of Google reviews right in your SERP results and in your Google My Business listing. We will create an effective review funnels for your business. No more clumsy requests for a review just send your happy clients a custom link that opens automatically to google review with five stars pre-selected. Our research shows this dramatically increases the change of a client leaving a review. We also employ SEO strategies to then optimise those Google reviews so they provide boost to your business, appear more prominently and rank on their own.

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Google My Business Management For Small Business SEO

Google My Business Management For Small Business SEO

Our extensive testing and research shows that local small businesses that have and who regularly update their Google My Business listing consistently outperform their competitor in the local Google map pack and in suburb specific searches. There are many little quirks that can be tweaked in the Google My Business console to give a measurable advantage to your business. Additionally, applying user experience marketing techniques to your GB listing will greatly increase the number of calls and visit your business will receive from the best types of customers – Ones that are close to your business. Often local businesses spread themselves to thin and would be better off concentrating their efforts on 3-6 local suburbs and their GMB listing first instead of chasing a city wide SEO ranking. That is why we highly recommend adding Google My Business Local SEO strategies to your small business marketing plan.

Local Business Citation Creation And Management

It is essential to have local Business Australian citations (directory and social media accounts) to rank in the local search results and most importantly in the local listing map pack. However, it is incredibly time consuming to do and has to be done in the right way to be effective. Further more some directories offer very little and some are even toxic to your websites ability to rank locally. We provide a comprehensive local SEO service to build out your social media and local citations. We can further optimise them to boost your rankings. Our you can go on our local business monthly subscription plan to be sure you are consistently ranking well locally.

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Small Business SEO Video Ranking

There is now an additional local feature in Googles local search engine results. It is being called the small business local video pack and provides a great opportunity for local businesses to produce promotion and informational video and have it ranked specifically for the local video pack. Our testing shows even below average quality videos convert to enquires and sales in significant numbers. The added bonus of ranking the videos is you also can gain a city or national and sometimes international profile and some quality backlinks. We believe every small business should have at least one ranked video for every suburb and service they target.

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Small Business Local Video Pack

Custom Mapstacking

Advisory Notice: This service suspended

We have discontinued this service as we feel it no longer can consistently provide any benefit to ranking your business in the local business map pack, due to changes in Googles algrythmn. We have to this conclusion after extensive testing in conjunction with Sterling Market Intelligence. The SEO custom map testing clearly showed no to only a temporary effect from a wide rank of google map stacking techniques being marketed. Therefore this goes against our method of providing only evidence based services. It is our recommendation to be extremely cautious if purchasing this type of service. While we measured no toxic effect it is certainly SEO budget money better spent elsewhere to ranking locally.

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