A Holistic Approach To Web Security

Website Security Services // What We Offer

90% of all security breaches are preventable with some basic procedures and processes in place. Furthermore, in the event of a website security issue you can recover much faster if you had the right processes and partners in place.

What Makes A SUCCESSFUL Secure Website

  • 1. Regular Secure Backups
  • 2. Multiply Backup Locations
  • 3. Password Management
  • 4. Access Control
  • 5. Security Auditing
  • 6. Up to Date Software
  • 7. Alert Sytems
  • 8. Rapid Response
  • 9. DDOS Protection
  • 10. Social Media Policy
  • 11. Staff Policies
  • 12. Automated Protection Systems
  • 13. Version Control
  • 14. Staff Vetting

Web Services Supplied To 6000+ Clients

Website Security

Our Web security services can be broken down into three areas

Preventive Security

This involves an audit and then implementation of preventive measures to keep your website and web hosting safe. Some of these measures are; Secure Password management, Two Factor Authenication, SSL Certificate and EV Certificate Issuing and installation, Reverse Proxy Servers, Proxy IP Servers, Firewall Install and Config, CDN and DDOS Preparation, Best Hacking prevention practices, Platform Updates, Automated backup proceedures, Backup storage, Password management.

Note: We also have partners for Medical and Dental Practice Onsite Server hosting and network specialist Security

website security


After a Hack or Malware attack has been successful the damage can be extensive. Additionally, damage can sometimes be caused from heavy Denial of Service attacks causing Databases, Apache, VPS, or Dedicated servers to crash and corrupt code. Our development and system admin team is experiences at finding malious code, restoring backup and repairing damage.

DDOS Attack Crisis

live ddos attack Live Screenshot from www.norse-corp.com

If you are under DDOS attack right now we can help straight away with instant DDOS mitigation protection .

Help Me Now I’m Under Attack

Website Maintenance

All websites need maintenance just like your car. Someone needs to login in a perform the regular updates and make sure the site is staying secure. Additionally, most businesses want to make changes and add new content on a regular basis. That is why we have a website maintenance and support program for our clients. If you require regular work you can go on one of our maintenance programs or we will be available to you on call as needed. Most jobs have a turn around time of 48 hours. By using our support, Maintenance and update services you can be assured that all tasks are always completed accurately and designed beautifully.

Oncall Web Support

Wouldn’t it be great to have a web company available on short notice that you know can deliver? We offer a range of monthly support packages for supplying web development, repairs and information oncall. We principally look after; Static Webs, Magento eCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, custom php frameworks and Apps.