Most epic HOW TO create BACKLINKS Guide to improve SEO in 2021 [Detailed Guide]

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[Last Update:2-Aug-2018] Now with more Whitehat, Blackhat strategy and infused hops

[Update 02-July-2018] – Just noticed we still have page one rankings for this article under ‘best backlinking guide 2018’ , ‘backlinking guide Australia’, ‘australian backlinking guide’ beating out some of the Guru’s of SEO. Interesting our video is ranking top 1-5 consistently even though it is essentially of little value except as clickbait to the gateway to the article. How we rank our videos is inspired by Holly Stark with some of our own flavours. In both instances we have used backlinking (surprise 😉 ) , onpage and what is probably best termed as Click Through Rate conditioning.