7 Useful social media tools

If you want to grow your business through marketing you have to be using social media. If you are not using social media you are dead! as far as the Teen to 30 year old market is concerned.

Here are some tools to make managing your social media pages easier.

Social Image Resizer Tool

No need to guess or look up the perfect sizes for different social media websites. This tool allows you to easily edit and resize your images for your theme or your posts in social media.

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Quickly make memes, quotes and beautifully presented sayings for us in social media. Click click and your done.

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Quickly add text and pictures to make interesting collages then easily share them through Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, twitter or email. Keep that content fresh and interesting.

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Photo editor, collage maker. No need to pay for Adobe creative cloud and pull your hair out trying to learn it.

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Make professional picture posts for social media sites using simple templates and easy to use tools.

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Create visual infographics in a pinch

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Free image compress tool. Excessively big images are the leading cause of websites loading slow. Don't kill the performance of your website with bloated images. Correctly size your images and then compress.

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