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Retaining some sense of a freedom and life can come down to being efficient. The more efficient you can operate the more time you will have to do what you want. If you are like me you'll use the time savings to do more work ;)

Here are some of our go to apps to improve business efficiency whether you have an online business, hybrid or bricks and mortar.

  • Quickbooks online and mobile app

    Create invoices on the spot and take payment online, via email or desktop. Scan your invoices in on the fly with your phone. Sync your paypal payments automatically. 100% mobile and cloud based.

  • Instagram

    Market your brand and products through social media from your phone.

  • Twitter

    Micro blogging platform. Enabled quick marketing and branding from your phone.

  • Zimbra Exchange server Email Business Suite

    Manage your business and projects from the cloud. Collaborate with team members and clients via cloud based email system. Push emails and sync with contacts, calendar and tasks always keeps you in the loop

  • Mailchimp Snap.

    Create marketing campaigns in the moment. A perfect compliment to the social media savy business marketeer.

  • Periscope

    Go next level with podcasting and interact live in the moment with subscribers.

  • Dropbox

    Extend your phones storage by storing files in the cloud / Compliments with Zimbra email.

  • Skype

    Live voice/video chat or IM via 4G

  • Hootsuite

    Manage your content marketing and social media the easy way.

  • Telegram

    IM via your phone under total encryption

  • Lastpass

    Password manager. You need this!

  • Evernote

    Collect notes, content, ideas and store it into the cloud for sourcing later.

  • Oanda Currency Converter

    Don't guess what it will cost check on the run.

  • VPN

    Hide your IP address when you need it

  • Teamviewer

    Access other computers via remote, either by desktop or mobile.

  • Keep

    It's a white board or note pad for your desktop / mobile and it will sync all devices through your google account.


    Get leads from customers direct, when you need them.

  • Slack

    Skype IM for your team.

  • IDrive Online

    Backup all your devices and desktops

  • Snapchat

    The new social media medium to focus on.

  • Audible

    Talking books for your phone. No time to read then listen to some of the greatest books and learn on the go.

  • Google translate for your phone

    So cool!

  • WOMO

    Capture customer reviews to improve conversion. Sadly no mobile app yet.

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