Mysteries of Website SEO Defined

SEO is a science of research combined with marketing strategy. There is a real method for it, though it sometimes changes so often that what is standard practise today is obsolete in six months or when Google does an algorithm update. This chopping and changing coupled with rank amateurs and scammers over promising. Along with helpful often baseless advise from friends of friends who make website sometimes muddies the waters of SEO fact and fiction. Here are a few little SEO and marketing clarifications for customers.

  • I need a better ranking to get more customers

    Not true, you should always look at your analytics bounce rate and conversions (ROI) first. Seek to improve your maximium dollar spend first, then conversion, then repeat business then traffic last through ranking for the right keywords or topics.

  • I'm not number one

    Define what number one is before you try to achieve it. What does being number one mean; number one in sales, for keywords, for traffic, for local or global?

  • I am number one

    What does that mean; Number one for your own business name, domain name, obscure keywords or topics, generic keywords or main terms? The Mystery here is you need to define what you mean. Not all number one rankings are equal. This is often a scammer trick were they promise you a number one ranking then deliver a number one ranking in the most niche keyword possible.

  • I'm not hiring you unless you guarantee me number one

    Two points here 1) Define being number one 2) How deep are your pockets. So often clients think spending $99 a month will enable them to beat a company with a multi-million dollar marketing budget and team of 20 Gurus.

  • I want as many customers as I can get

    Beware growing pains. Many a company has gone broke from growing to fast.

  • No body knows whats going on with SEO

    Not so, real SEO expects get real measurable results every week. Through planning, research and quality excusion.

  • I want a blog to improve my rankings.

    A blog a lone will not improve your rankings. In fact a blog poorly excuted can hurt your rankings and give the wrong impression to users.

  • I want to us social media to improve my rankings

    Social media marketing can be a great way to capture a market or help promote products and services. However it takes planning to get the best bang for your buck. Simple throwing money at facebook advertising will get you know where. Like wise simply reposting links from other sources will most like hurt you in the ranks for not having original content. Having original content is very important. I don't fully subscribe to having to be ground breaking, hyper original and becoming the mega expert because it just not practical or possible for most. But good fair content on key topics is important.

  • I'm just going to advertise in Facebook

    The quality of facebook advertising is questionable at best. Watch this video before pumping any money into Facebook marketing.

  • I don't need Google Plus.

    Google is the primary search engine of choice. Google rightly or wrongly puts more weight on its own services. Currently Googleplus is one of the biggest influencers of website ranking. Signup learn to use it correctly. It's actually a really good piece of software.

  • I want a top ranking I don't want social media

    While not using social media won't doom your project in a lot of cases. Not using social media will make your job a 100 times harder. Social media is now the modern equivent of going house to house and introducing yourself.

  • I don't want customers to know my location

    Transparency builds trust. Users/customer buy/order/employ those that they trust first. Don't make it hard for them to trust you. Having your email, phone and address online will not result endless spamming (maybe a little). If your worried about angry customers turning up you have other issues to address.

  • I don't want my phone number/email on my site

    Same as above

  • How do I get more customers

    SEO allows you to spread your business foot print online. Which in turn should result in more positive search displays, more click through and more sales/enquiry. Use standard business marketing practice to focus on what makes money and what doesn't. Work with your SEO specialist, don't just leave it all to them. Marketing works best when it is a team effort.

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