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Tips for Local Businesses to succeed online with their website, SEO and Social Media marketing

Anatomy of Google's Local Search Algorithm

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Geocentric Local SEO is really important, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses. Users conducting searches from mobiles tagging their search term “near me” have been on the rise in the past couple of years. This really stresses the importance of

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The Most Important Feature to get Leads on a Local Business Website

When designing a local business website what is the most important feature to get the client lots of business?

A lot of developers and designers get all hung up on design the latest frameworks and spending hours and hours talking shit about how this call to action will do xyz.

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10 Tips to improve website credibility to improve conversions

Website Crediblity = Trust

Customers tend to buy or hire those they trust most first. Often this is referred to as professionalism, but at its core it is about credibility. Creating credibility should be one of key objectives for your business/website.

Google search is now focusing heavily on this area

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