(From the consumer’s point of view)

Most of us who are searching for a website or a product or service are doing so, not for fun but because we actually want your product or service. As a consumer, I’m naturally going to be drawn to the best “feeling” website. Not so much the most fabulous looking, but the easiest site to find the information, product or service I’m after without any fuss. We’re probably going to look at 3 very similar websites with similar products and decide which one we will give our money to, so make sure yours has the whole package. Here’s a few things that we, as your consumers, are looking for.

  • Easy to navigate. This mean and easy to see menu, whether it’s drop down, down the side of page or a menu bar along the top. If I don’t see a menu within the first 3 seconds of me being on your website, I’ll go to the next one.

  • A clean and tiny website. No one wants their retinas burned out by too much contrast of colours and designs. This also means easy to read script.

  • Please don’t have too much script to read on your website. It’s boring. Ain’t nobody got time for that. A short and simple explanation is all we need. If I wanted a novel I’d go to Wiki. Make a “links” page if people really do want more information.

  • Make your contact details easy to find. There’s nothing more annoying than really having to dig around to find out how to get in touch with you or where you may have a store.

  • This also applies to your trading hours. If you have a shop or restaurant, make sure you have your trading hours. If you don’t I’m going to find elsewhere.

  • If I’m online shopping, then I want a couple of simple and fast steps for me to “checkout” and pay for my item. And make your payment options simple. Debit card, Credit Card or Paypal please.

  • If your website is an e-commerce store then please make sure you have decent photos, front and back, and make sure I can do a decent zoom if need be.

  • Also for e-commerce, put your products in easy to find categories or a “brand” section.

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