4 Steps To Evaluate Your Website Development Company

4 Steps To Evaluate Your Website Development Company

The world wide web has most certainly become one of the primary reliable and widespread platforms for advertising your company, services and your products. With so many different types of companies wanting to successfully advertise online, this has unarguably caused an enormous demand for organisations that specifically deal with the maintenance and development of websites for companies around the world. However, even though there is no shortage of website development companies that claim to offer award winning website designing services, it doesn’t mean that all of them will be as equally reliable or offer the benefits right for you. So before you jump in without a second thought, we’ve put together some fail safe steps and questions that you may wish to consider when choosing the right website developer for your company.

1. How does the website developer price their services?

You are about to purchase a professional service, so a professional service is what you should get. This service should include a team of experts with each website developer able to plan, manage, design and build your project from start to finish.

  • You need to know which website developer will be working on the project and do they have any qualifications?
  • How much time will this individual be spending on the project?
  • Do they offer a flat project price that correlates to the detailed agreement?
  • Do the costs of the project correspond with the agreed hourly rates and deliverables?
  • Who is ultimately responible for the work and who do you deal with directly?
  • Is there a clear procedure in place for billing any work or extra features outside the project's initial plan?
  • What happens when things don't go right?
  • What happens if the project is late or goes overtime?

    2. What is the website developer’s track record?

    This is a question that can be considered far more important than 'how much will this cost?' and it’s 'how reliable is the company?' It’s important to be confident with the idea that you can trust the company that is working on your website and producing only the best results for your company’s project.

  • What varieties of different clients have they worked with in the past?
  • What type of results have they been able to deliver to each of those clients?
  • Do they have genuine figures to back up their results?
  • What happens if the project hours blow out?
  • What is their feedback like online?

    3. What does their operation look like as a whole?

    Before committing to a long or short term relationship with a web development company, it may be worth visiting them face to face and meet the individuals who will be responsible for the management and success of your project. Though this is not always possible due to the global nature of the industry, you should check the individuals out online. Look at Linkedin, respected review website, see if they have a Git account or whether they have any open source projects running. A total absence of this should give you pause.

  • Is their organization fully staffed or do they rely on the help of freelancers (out sourcing)?
  • Do you feel from talking with their staff members that they are trustworthy, passionate and skilled? If it doesn't feel right do some more research. Though just remember the title of one of my favourite songs 'Devils look like angels' just because you get along great with someone doesn't mean they can deliver a good website at the end.
  • If you are developing a sizable project with large somes of money, does the company look like they can repay the money in the even of total disaster or is it a one man band.

    4. How will your website developer make sure that your project is executed properly?

    It is always important of any pledge or promise that you are given that you put the detailed in writing.

  • Does their agreement guarantee that all coding done will be to industry standards?
  • Will you be the rightful owner of the work that is produced?
  • Will you have access to any work that is produced, or will there be a licensing fee?
  • Will they plan your website with your own business goals in mind?
  • What happens if things go wrong?
  • What is the time line?
  • Is the spec list included in the document?
  • Are the payments staged out or is it all upfront?

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