How to boost your content marketing campaign with hashtags

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Hashtags have become one of the essential tools of getting context to your content marketing campaigns.

Content marketing is a strategy that enables you to increase your brand reach and pertinent services to a target audience. Hashtags are an ideal means for labeling your content in social media sites to ensure that it can be easily searched and indexed by the social platform and your potential audience. Follow our list of hashtag etiquette to ensure you content marketing and hashtags reach your target marketing audience.

Consider hashtags as content identifiers

On social media sites in 2016, especially Twitter, there is a constant bombarded of posts every second. Literally, the internet is flooded with huge volumes of content and it has spiked tremendous in the last couple of years. It would be literally impossible to standout with your content in such situations. Unless you were already internet famous. This is where hashtags can be a god sent strategy, that can be used to grab the attention of your potential audience. Today, people even use hashtag searches to find the content they are in search for.

Be honest with your hashtags and cautiously dishonest

When you label a hashtag with your post you are literally putting up a virtual index of what your content entails. Ensure that the hashtags that you use are popular, relevant to your content and audience. Using irrelevant or misleading hashtags can place your content under the limelight for all the wrong reasons. This can backfire against you. Established users will learn your tricks and essentially blacklist you or just not share your content. Either way a major negative.

Hashtag driven content marketing

Prior to posting up a peace of content on your social media channel, you should consider performing a detailed research on the trending hashtags. Following this strategy helps you to craft a perfect launching platform for your content. This is one of the secrets to viral social media marketing. You should also try to research trends before you even create your content so you can ride the wave and have a wider audience for your content.

Create hashtags

Creating hashtags is an ideal means to bring in more value to your brand name. When creating hashtags for your posts, ensure the following:

• Keep it short
• Avoid typos &
• Compare with similar hashtags to make sure you have the correct version for your target market.

Understand the different hashtag syntax of each different social media networks before jumping into devising a social media content marketing strategy. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags in amplifying your content on social media networks. Also when and if you automate your posting, try not to do the same generic posting across all your social networks, take the time to fine tune it for each. Test and measure responses and fine tune how you post.


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