HOT tips for using coupons and direct sales offers on Instagram and Snapchat

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The use of social media platforms by the general public has tremendously revolutionized the way people do business, over the past decade. As a matter of fact, the masterminds responsible for the most popular social platforms are scrambling to incorporate more features to bolster business conversion rates. Today, most businesses have a social presence and run a series of different strategies to instill trust, build a tribe and improve conversion rates. Many different social media marketing strategies used. However, coupons and direct offers can be especially effective click bait and notably the movers and shakers are scrambling to earn valuable marketing real estate on Snapchat and Instagram. Don't be fooled by locker room talk businesses are making good money on Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram Direct

The Instagram's captured audience and high engagement factors are a godsend for all marketers trying to promote brand, products and sales. Consequently, coupons and direct offers via Instagram are incredibly effective. New features, such as short videos provide marketers with a means to garner even higher engagement.

Instagram Direct is often used by the marketers to send discount coupons to their followers or fans. The personalized approach involved in this strategy is strong enough to compel any individual or fan to take an action. Follow these tips while adhering to such a strategy:

  • Do not make your message appear machine generated; even a typo in your personal message could help you circumvent this concern. No one wants to deal with a robot.
  • Do not offer the same offer to all your fans, for instance, an influencer or brand ambassador can be given better discount/s when compared to a cold fan.
  • As always test and measure your results. An A and B test method is good practice.
  • Make your followers aware that you are offering tailored discount coupons and direct offers based on the loyalty and enthusiasm that they mirror to your brand.
  • Direct users to Instagram from other platforms with the promise of discounts. Part of the reason to do this is because engagement is much higher on Instagram and Snapchat than other mediums like facebook, Youtube or your website.


With over 100 million daily users and some of the highest engagement figures of any platform offering coupons and direct offers via Snapchat is proving to be the cream of any social media marketing strategy. As per the statistics, nearly 60% of the students agreed that they are likely to buy a product from businesses that send personalized coupons or direct offers via Snapchat. Follow these tips while using coupons, deals and direct offers on Snapchat. Many big players have active media on Snapchat and many smaller business and personalities are reaping rewards.

  • The images and short videos shared on Snapchat only last for a maximum of 24 hours; make use of this urgency factor. Ensure that the post you share also depicts the time left via timer so that the fans are compelled to take an immediate action.
  • Incorporate your strategy with other social media sites. For instance, you can embed a hint regarding the coupon code or direct offer in your tweets and posts, to procure more Snapchat traffic. The purpose is the same as with Instagram...higher engagement.

  • Try to use different social media marketing strategies with both Snapchat and Instagram on a regular basis. Be consistent you need users to keep checking your profile posts and conditioning them to look forward to them. Introduce products, glean feedback, post product/service videos and encourage user engagement. This is the key to taking your business to new heights via Snapchat and Instagram.

Pro tip:

Social media account swap. This is the technique of swapping with another business that compliment each other or customers cross over. You both run and post in each others accounts for an agreed period of time after publicly announcing it. The idea is to rapidly grow your followers.


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