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Unlike the people spamming your inbox we actually are SEO experts who live and work in Australia on the sunny Gold Coast. We would like to thank the ‘Aussie Experts’ who claim to be masters of search engine optimising websites because so many people have been searching in Google and not finding their website, but rather ours. We do think it is odd that a company claiming to be so good at improving web ranking would be so poor at doing their own websites rank optimising.

Now we wouldn’t dare say they are not genuine, but… [insert sarcasm] a business has to think, why aren’t they visible online.

Our advice is to check any digital marketing companies online profile, such as; reviews from multiple sources, connections, social media profiles, followers, their clients and what they write about. Most importantly you should see that they hold some ranks themselves (It is amazing how many SEO companies do not rank for anything) and also make sure their clients do to and they should be able to demonstrate it to you. If they can’t politely say no thank you.

Always ensure the online marketing company you are dealing with in Australia has an ABN and most importantly is registered for GST. If they are not, politely declining. If a trader is not registered for GST in Australia, you could get yourself in trouble also you won’t be able to claim GST. Not to mention it means they are doing so little business they don’t have to be registered, which just doesn’t match with them being good at SEO.

Good luck and if you would like a 20 minute consult from an Australian SEO company to call us on 1300 632 932 Meb Media